Ember Resources

In the forefront of unconventional gas resources

On the landscape of unconventional gas resources, coal bed methane (CBM)—natural gas from coal—is dominating as a new source of natural gas. Lower drilling and production costs, prolific trends with long-term capacity and an increased demand for new energy alternatives make CBM production a predictable and profitable natural gas investment.

Unlocking the potential of coal bed methane ofHorseshoe Canyon in Alberta

Ember Resources is a natural gas producer focused purely on coal bed methane with emphasis on the coal trend in the Horseshoe Canyon in Alberta – the most technically advanced and low-cost unconventional natural gas play in the province.

All of Ember’s elements for growth in the field of unconventional gas resources lie in the Horseshoe Canyon coals. The trend delivers predictable and long-term growth. It is also one of the lowest-cost plays in North America. With such a low-cost structure and growth opportunities in hand, Ember has the critical mass to weather the economic downturn and position for a quick rebound when gas prices recover.

As the demand for energy increases, so will the demand for unconventional gas resources like coal bed methane. For more information on capitalizing on the low-risk, long-term potential of CBM, contact Ember Resources.